Wednesday, May 25, 2005

General Update 25May05

So on Monday we had outreach to this school and got talking with the kids. It wasneat. We had this class of 17-20 year olds who were pretty hardcore. I just chilled with them and talked to them in English.
Then we had family group like all day. One of my dad's, Christian, well he has this house up on the mountain, and we went there, and then we were taken up to this ravine where we tied ropes to two trees about 50m apart, over this deep ravine, and then we zip-lined down it. It was soo fast, and almost all of us crash landed, but it was so fun. No one got hurt. I mean, It was dangerous, because we just found two trees to tie these ropes to, but we had all the right equipment and two trained climbers. So, after that, we went back to Christian's house, and went in the sauna, which was soo hot. We all almost died cos we put it on so hot. There was a timer in the sauna to show when we had been in there for 15mins, and then we all jumped in his freezing cold pool which had water straight from the mountains. It was sooo relaxing. It was like a natural high. So when we got really cold, we jumped bck in the sauna for another 15! We did this 3 times, and it felt sooo good. Then we ate great food after. It has to be one of my highlights of Austria, along with going to HP's Farm.
So yeah, we had outreach again today, and we have gym hour now, and I think I'm going to go and play ultimate frisbee. Apparently it's a real sport.
Oh, and I'm gonna take the train down to Salzburg with a few people on Saturday, which I'm looking forward to.
Bye for now...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

FA Cup Final and other happenings

So today's been pretty good, apart from Arsenal beating Man United on penalties in the FA Cup Final. That sucked pretty bad. But the less said about that the better.
Anyhow, a few of us went for a picnic today, whilst others went to Salzburg and others went skiing/snoboarding, and others still went to Hitler's Eagle's Nest. It was fun, though to just sit in the hot sun and soak it up in the mountains.
Last night a few of us snuck out to the discoteque which was fun, but there weren't many people danced apart from us. It was cool though.
That's about it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oww! My Freakin' Eye Hurts!

So I've been playing a little bit for the Sportsreach soccer team which flew over from England last week for their Austria tour, and we played Schladming last night.
So, during the match I got hit in the eye pretty hard as I turned towards the ball, but right before that, a guy put his finger in my left eye and hooked it out, so when it was hit, the front of the cornea was scraped pretty bad and I had to be taken to hospital. But they weren't sure about internal bleeding in my head and stuff even though they did a few x-rays on my skull to check for skull fractures. So they ambulanced me over to Salzburg, which was nice, although I had like the worst headache ever, and I got sent to an eye specialist, who had to anaesthetize my eye, and I was like, 'no way am I gonna let you stick that needle in my eyeball! Is there any other way?' and the doc was like, 'yeah, there's this other stuff which I can drip in but it's gonna burn your eye out of your socket!' So I was like, 'Ok' and took that instead. Half a minute later I was writhing in agony whilst the eye doctor was cowering in some corner (i think). Anyways, they pumped loadsa drugs and stuff into my eye, (i think to widen my pupil or sumthin), and I'm eye-patched up now which is nice. My friend Jon who's an artist, drew this eye and eyebrow on my patch and made it cross-eyed, and nobody can seem to look me in the face without laughing. It'll hopefully heal before I arrive. I'm pretty confident about that. Oh and yeah, I forgot to tell ya, that my jaw got dislocated by the umpact, but I put my face against a wall and I got it knocked back in, so it's ok now, just a little bruised.
Feel free to post this story to everyone if you think it's not inappropriate.
Anyways, the right side of Austria is great, as for the left side, well, I can't see it right now unless I turn my head.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Travel Weekend at HP's Farm

So much has happened here in Austria since I last posted, and I won't be able to remember it all right now, But that's ok.
So this weekend was travel weekend and a lot of people went to places like Vienna, Salzburg, Slovenia, Trieste and other places in Italy. But about 15 of us went up in the mountains to stay at this guy's farm. It was soo awesome there, and we had so much fun. There was like no electricity, so there were no lights! it was crazy hardcore! Thankfully, we brought 125 tee lites so it wasn't so bad.
The weather was awesome and it was a great time just to chill. We spent a lot of the time on this great big trampoline, either doing flips on it or spooning with about 6 other people, or just lying there. Hans Peter (the owner) is this huge, stereotypical Austrian guy who wears lederhosen and Austrian shoes and everything. He is completely self-sufficient and we drank the milk from his cows, ate the cheese he made, and a couple of days befoer we got there, he slaughtered one of his pigs, so we had a great barbeque by his fire pit. It was brilliant. One guy, Jimmy, told us scary stories by the campfire and then a love story which ended up in people gettign murdered anyway, but he managed to coin the phrase 'Love Hurts!' It was hilarious. On the last day, he chased us with an axe, wearing pantyhose over his face.
Oh, so anyway, Hans Peter allowed us to stay at his farm for free if we worked an hour each day, which was awesome, because all I had to do was chop wood and I put up a fence post (which I was proud of) and stuff like that. The girls milked the cows and other stuff. It was fun, and we probably would've done it for fun anyways.
So yeah, I'm back at Tauernhof now and hearing everyone's crazy stories.
I'll try and write soon.