Wednesday, February 07, 2007

God's reasons for His ways.

At Moody, we have this thing called Founder's Week. We have great speakers all week and no classes. It's brilliant. [Sidenote: for all you Capers ppl, Ian Leitch spoke on Tuesday. Sweeeet.]
So tonight, Haddon Robinson (pictured: right) was speaking. Outstandish. Let's just say that for what he lacks in good looks, he makes up for in expository preaching. He spoke on Ecclesiastes and gave rich insight, but I want to leave you with one (shortened) illustration about understanding God's ways that I appreciated.

One time, reporters asked Albert Einstein's wife if she understood Professor Einstein's Theory of Relativity. To which she replies something to the effect of, "No. I don't understand his theory, but I do understand him."
The point being that we'll probably never understand why God does things in the way he does, because God doesn't have to explain himself to anyone, (even after we die). More important is to spend time getting to know God and his ways rather than what his reasons are. He is sovereign! Fact.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Disfunctional Nose Hair?

Today, I went out to church and felt cold. Let me tell thee, in England, if it gets to -5ºC , people are so miserably cold, they most probably won't go outside. However, this morning the temperature without wind chill was -5ºF. That's right F. There's a couple of things that F could stand for, but here it stands for Fahreinheit. This is -21ºC, and with wind chill it was -33ºC (-27ºF).
Now you have to understand that these temperatures are a new concept for me. I encounter new experiences everday, such as ice-cream sandwiches and hackysack and ranch dressing, but this morning I discovered a new phenomena.
Whilst walking outside with the wind blowing in my face, a peculiar thing happened to my nose. Every time I breathed in through it, a prickly sensation consumed my nostrils. Taken aback by this, I concluded that my nose hairs were reacting badly to the cold and had resolved to packing their bags and leaving. Fearing this mutiny, I stuck two thumbs up there (my own) and held the outside of my nose with my index fingers. It worked. Hurrah.
Tonight however, my roommate informed me that my nasal adventure was actually due to the moisture freezing in my nose when I breathed in. Amazing. Who would've thunk it.
P.S. How many of you tried my holding the nose technique whilst reading this post?