Friday, January 07, 2005

This was earlier that morning when the frost was much heavier on the ground. The mornign was really dull, and the cage seemed overwhelmingly red. I used a wider aperture to brighten the image, and it also enhanced the red. This is my favourite picture at Capernwray so far, and I have only tweeked it in a couple of areas where the grass was slightly greener, but the rest of the picture retains its orignal colour.

This is labelled in my folder as 'Frosted Trough 2'. It was taken early in the morning when there was frost on the ground. I took it because I noticed the two striking diagonals from the right-hand side towards the top left-hand corner.

This is also a tree, but one so influenced by wind, that it grew to one side.I find this fascinating, because I like the words 'grew' and 'side'.

Another tree

I will now post some of my more 'arty' photos. This is the tree outside my window at Capernwray.

This is Allison with Pam. They are both from Oregon. This is also a State in America. It has only been a State since February 14th 1859, which makes it almost 146 years old. This is less than a third of the age of my school, which is 456 years old.......The first census taken in Oregon was the following year, enumerating 52,465 residents. There is a much greater number of people in Oregon today, but the official figure was probably chosen by pressing the #RANDOM# button on a calculator and moving the decimal place. <---FACT. (Lazy Americans!)

Justin and Brent, (in my shirts and ties)

Marisa and Beth, previous friends from San Diego, California. California is a state. this is something they have in America.

Jay and Kyle, previous friends from Indiana. This is in America. which is near Canada. Canada is a country.

This is Jimmy (Ohio) and Justin (Massachusetts). They are the best. And everybody loves them except for me. I am 'in love' with them.

These are the Washington girls. (the Ashleys) They're names are Kellyn, Brittani, Jenna, and Dana. I have searched the length and breadth of Britain, and nobody has these strange American names.

There's this Dutch girl called Celine, and she's awesome, but has a small and light Dutch car. And everybody knows that bad things happen to Dutch girls with small and light Dutch cars. As the above picture shows.

This is me with Allison Schmallison! She is great. And I cut her hair last night. (not while she was asleep)

Recap of this Break

So yah, those were the New Years' pictures. And then, since I only had to hand back the costume on Tuesday, I decided it to where it to a gathering at Andy the Man's house on Monday night. And everyone else was in normal clothes. It was funny at the time. Then after, everyone was going to this 24/7 prayer meeting and I didn't know about it, so i had no choice but to go in my cow costume.
Anyway's Allison came over on Thursday, and we chilled out and went to See Dan, Caleb, Nick and Alistair making this random video with Tv Screens. Very weird but funny.
And then tonight, we had little over 10 people round. We ate food, jus chilled and then had a few games of Mafia. Which was soo much fun.
Anyways, now it's past midnite, so we are going back to Capernwray today! Yay!!!!!!
It's been a great break, and even though it's been soo good to see everybody, but I can't wait to go back.
So, I'll end with sending some more pictures of Capernwray and people from it. Hoorah!
The end.

Alice and her friend Meg as Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy

Jon and Ben Williams as Jake and Elwood, The Blues Brothers (those are my ties)

This is Big Dave (Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle) and Big Gay Al (the gorilla) They wore these costumes all New Years Eve.

This is me in my cow costume. We couldn't decide if I was male or female. the debate was over my nipples. Were they udders or just cow nipples? We decided I was male, since, upon the squeezing of the nipples, no milk was produced.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

Yeah, so we're in 2005 now, which is nice.
Anyway, I had to update the goings-on in my life by telling you about New Years. Last night was such a great laugh! Went round Big Dave's house for a fancy dress party. It was soo awesome! I went dressed in a cow costume, and I had udders and everything! There were so many great costumes. Al came in a gorrila suit, Big Dave hosted as Raphael, from Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Ben and Jon Williams came as The Blues Brothers. There was Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz), Little Red Riding Hood, Supergirl and loads more fantastic costumes.
It was such a good laugh to be with all the guys again, and we had a fantastic time, dancing and being crazy.
This Christmas break I've managed to catch up with most of my mates, and had a good time. I met up with Vanya on Boxing Day! Which almost didn't happen. But it was soo good to just spend time with her, even if we didn't get to do much because of the time. It's only a week until I go back to Capernwray, and I can't wait, although I have a lot of things to do at home still, and I'm goin to Hillsong Church London, tomorrow, with Rossikins, which will be awesome, and Allison's coming to stay in a few days! Yay! But alas, my post endeth here.