Thursday, June 02, 2005

General Update 2Jun05

Ok, so Rob Whittaker taught here last week on 1Timothy, which was really awesome. And great notes too. I think I took almost 7000words of just notes. I got to spend some really great quality time with him, and we went out for coffee, and I got to express to him my gratitude for all he did for me at Capernwray.
Then this week we've had (and still have) Chris Thomas who is teaching on Relationships. It is sooo awesome and I love it! I have learnt soo much, even though I thought I had learnt so much before during the last 8months or so. His practical advice and examples of experience really helped soo many of us greatly. (I hope that when I'm his age that I am as in shape.) Sorry, that comment had nothing to do with anything.
So I went swimming at the pool/leisure centre twice in two days last week, which was so much fun. The first time, I got to hang out with this bunch of girls which I hadn't really got to know very well before, and that was heaps of fun. And then I went with my buddy Jon the following day and we had a good time together too.
There are a bunch of people I am really gonna find it hard to say goodbye to when I leave here in 9 days. Jon and Alicia are the two I have gotten really close to and I have learnt so much from. Then there are the Capernwray people whom I have known since September. Jimmy and Brent, my roommates will be hard to say goodbye to, since we have become even more close over the last two months, BJ whom I haven't spent as much time with here in Austria, and loads of other Capers people. But then my other roommates, Andrew, whom I really want to meet up with in Wheaton over the next couple of years or so, and David from Germany has been funny in soo many ways. Then there are the Abottsford girls who are absolutely fantastic and I have loved trying to get to know over the weeks. It's sad for me, but that's the way things go sometimes. ...So why am I mentioning all these people? Well, so I can look back and see what happened to these people and see whether I have kept in touch with them or not.
But hmm, anyways, I am looking forward to California in 10days, but I haven't thought about it too much, since I have so much here to go through first. Like on Saturday I am going to Munich for a School trip, which I am thouroughly excited about. A lot of my close friends aren't going, and that's a bummer, but I will have a great time in that great city anyway.
My thoughts are a little bit haywire right now, so I'll stop typing.