Thursday, December 30, 2004

This is me with Jón Magnús Kjartansson. He's from Iceland. Ok, the story goes like:- One night we wanted to make a video. Me and Jón drew on each others' faces and had a fight with plastic cutlery knives, whilst another guy filmed it. The video ends with both of us being interviewed after being killed. It is now known as 'Fight Club 23'. Happy Days.

These are the guys i shared a room with for the past 3 months.
from Left to right: Me, Jesse from Canada, Chaz from California USA, and Brent a missionary kid from Japan (but American). Together, we make Room 30 (pronounced 'Room Thir-ee')
We are tight, although, next term, I will be sharing a room with 3 other guys.

This is my Interactive Group. ~Each week we meet up for a time of fellowship, growing in God, and getting to know each other. Interactive groups are arranged regionally, so you are put with people of a similar background. So my group is the British contingent! There are 4 from N.Ireland, 7 from the North of England, and just me from the south of England. Hooray!

This is my family! ~Each week we meet up for a family time, where we chill as a family, pray, learn more about each other and have loads of fun, such as making snowflakes, eating tacos, and making animal noises! My parents Marka and Linda are English and American, respectively, and my brothers and sisters are from America, Canada, Germany and Afghanistan.

Just to remind you, this is how long my hair was just before I left!

This is me, 3 weeks ago

This is a Sheep from near Capernwray Hall. One of many surrounding the castle. In the North of England they use these to cut the grass. Down South, we use lawnmowers. Sheep are also used to poo absolutely everywhere. (And it's soo funny watching the Americans who think they're rubbing mud in each others faces. Hehe!)

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

This is a picture of a Highland Bull, imported from Scotland to a field owned by a farmer near Capernwray Hall. Apparently I "really really shouldn't have been in this field."

This is the Conference Hall. About 20 seconds walk from the Castle. This is where we have our lectures. Some of the girls live underneath the Hall, but I've never been down there, so i'm not totally sure. Some of the guys believe that underneath the Hall is a secret passageway leading to Narnia, but I find this hard to believe, as almost all of the girls deny it.

This is my Castle! Capernwray Hall! This is where I live. It is a really beautiful castle, and I love it!

My First Three Months at Bible School!!!

So, I'm back in Maidstone for the Christmas break, after the best 3 months of my life. So much has gone on. Too much to write about. In fact, I'm gonna make this page into more of a photo journal than a written one.
I've learnt soo much at Bible School, the lecturers are great, and have taught me so much about the really important things I need to know about my faith, the Bible, and what my purpose is here on the earth. I may be so bold to say that I have learnt even more relationally through living with people for the first time, sharing a small room with 3 other guys, and sharing a castle with 170 other students from around the world. Ok, most of them are from America and Canada, but hey.
I have met some fantastic people, some whom I would really like to keep as life-long friends, some who's backgrounds are so crazily different that I just can't conceive, and the rest who are American. (this is a joke.) I'll introduce you to them as we go through some of these pictures. Hooray!
Feel free to post a comment on anything here, I would really appreciate it!