Thursday, August 26, 2004

Me again. Had to send this picture for my profile. Stoopid technicality involving a maximum number of characters in an URL address. Good-looking chap though! *chortle chortle*.

Another day at Home, alone.

So, today I woke up at about 9am. Feeling pleased with my achievement, I thought I'd treat myself to a nap. 5 hours later, I got out of bed and had a bath. I didn't manage to get milk etc today, I think I'll get it tomorrow morning instead. Brought in the washing which had dried, and started watching TV.
When you start writing about bringing in the washing, you know you've had a really uneventful day. Anyhoo, I haven't made much progress on this Sunday's sermon, but I think I'll do some more after I post this.
Anyways, tomorrow, I'm partying again, so I have to clear the house up, just in case people want to come back to mine to sleep or wuteva. Should be a laugh though. I think loadsa people will be there. Happy days.
Well, It's actually almost 1am, and I think they have the English time wrong on here! But hey. Wuteva. Oh, and In case you hadn't noticed, the first post entitled 'My First Blog' was actually from Wednesday. I just wrote it after midnight.
Yeah, what a way to finish a journal entry. ...Explaining it. Good job, Daveo.

Jo & Me before my Leavers' Ball (Prom) - Jul 04

Me as a 70s Pimp

Me ---> ° ÐãVeØ °

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My First Blog

So hey. It's 1am and I've come back from Dr Matt's place. Quite tired at the mo after a few beers. I don't think I'm eating properly, but hey. I need to buy fruit and milk tomorrow morning, but i don't think I'll wake up in time. There's so much to do and so many people to ring, that it's all a little overwhelming. I think I might just do nothing.
Just got back to take in the washing and found it had rained. Bummer. Plus, I'm preaching on Sunday, and I haven't really prepared much. Rossikins said I should be really enthusiastic, and Matt told me I should end each sentence with "Can I get an Amen!", but I think I'll just do my own thing. I have to be clear and confident though, and remember everything I've been taught.
Oh, today I rang Zach and spoke to him for an hour or so. He seems really cool. And he preaches too! I bet he's amazing. He has his own business and he's like a month younger than me.
I've been working on my ball skills today. One move in particular, but it makes me soo dizzy that I can only do it twice before having to take a break. Looks impressive tho.
Anyways, I hope to make this a journal page for the next year but who knows. Hopefully I'll be able to keep things up to scratch, so I can look back on it in a few years time. But who knows?